Sometimes it can be difficult make theA?initialA?contact to set-up counseling. I hope to make it as easy as possible for you. I return correspondence as promptly as possible. Usually within 24 business hours.

  1. Scheduling appointments.

  2. After you schedule your first appointment go to theA?forms page. A?Complete the relevant forms and email them to me.

  3. In our first meeting, my priority is for me to understand your situation clearly from your point of you, then toA?give you some immediate feedback including how we might proceed.

Locations: The main office is inA?Mt. Pleasant: 1041 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, 5-C Mt Pleasant, SCA?29464.

The A?Mt. PleasantA?office is located about 1 mile south ofA?the 526/Johnnie Dodds Boulevard (which is also highway 17) intersectionA?in Mt. Pleasant. The office complex is calledA?Village Walk. A?You will want to walk into theA?complex from the side that faces Anna Knapp Boulevard. A?My office is on the RIGHT side if you are facing the building and it isA?Suite 5-C.