At some point, we have all have felt overwhelmed by the things we experience in life or have desperately wanted to move forward or make some changes when it was difficult to do so. Many of us have wished we could talk privately with a skilled professional who would understand where we are coming from, be open with us about their impressions of our problems, and help us get moving as quickly as possible. However, many of us have a notion of a “therapy” as a lengthy process that involves talking uncomfortably about random areas of our lives with a stranger who nods, asks more questions, schedules more appointments for us, and costs us enough to go on that cruise we always wanted!

Early models of psychotherapy were designed by analysts who had clients that attended sessions for years and years. Fortunately, now there are many research-proven types of counseling that are focused on helping people find solutions and activate their coping skills in weeks or months, instead of years. These counseling models help people move forward more quickly and feel stronger when dealing with future problems.

You and I will clarify what you want and stay focused on your wants, needs, emotions, ideas, life situation and personal style. You and I will focus on you and getting you to a point where you are moving forward with your life. You and I will take a compassionate look at your situation and talk in an open and supportive way about the obstacles you face. We will remain focused on clarifying and moving towards the life you want.