Most of us would say that our highest highs and lowest lows in life were influenced by relationships. When relationships become difficult (and they always do at some point), try not to panic and definitely do not avoid your concerns. If you and your partner would like to talk to someone, contact me for a prompt appointment. I’ll do my best to help you resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

Investing in your significant relationships is worth the effort.

Couples Coaching:

We will focus very specifically on your concerns and use practical stategies to help you and your partner grow closer to one another and deal more effectivelywith each other.

If you wish, we can cover some of the areas below:

  • Coping with changes
  • Communication skills
  • Making decisions together
  • Learning to really like each other again
  • Use personality profiles to help you and your partner better understand each other
  • Learn to fight fair and productively

Pre-Marriage Coaching:

Don’t worry, under no circumstances will I tell you and your partner to not be together. Through our work together, you two will gain clear insight into your strengths and trouble-spots. What we will do is help you cover several important areas that can become obstacles if we are not prepared for them:

  • Expectations
  • Communication
  • Finances
  • Coping with career/military lifestyles
  • Problem solving
  • Family
  • Intimacy
  • Fun
  • Fears
  • Etc…

We can usually do this in 3-6 sessions.

Fees: $125 per 50 minutes session.