Do you have a concern that isA?interferingA?with the way you want to live your life?

I understand that you are probably eager toA?see progressA?and do not want to be in therapy forever. Also, like most of us, you probably want to talk to someone who has experience and expertise AND seems like a genuine human being whoA?is eager to understand your point of view and help you get moving curriculum vitae writing service towards the life you want.

A few words about my style…

  • Supportive
  • Activating
  • Strength-focused
  • Careful to not to go too slow or too fast

These Counseling servicesA?are for adults (17+) who are ready to improve theira??

  • Mood
  • Current relationships
  • Relationship habits
  • Adjustment to new situations/change
  • Habits
  • Anger reactions
  • Stress-coping
  • Moving-on after a break-up
  • Happiness!A?Of course, the psycho-babble terms for this are “life satisfaction” & “subjective well-being”. A?But, “happiness” is shorter,A?accurate, and makes more sense to most of us. Increased satisfaction with your life is a very good goal.

Fees: $125 per 50 minutes session.

1. Do you have a concern that isA?interferingA?with the wayA?youA?want to live your life?

2. Do you want toA?get movingA?on addressing your concerns?

3. Do you want to talk to a professional who is:

  • Interested inA?helping you make progress asA?quickly as possibly?
  • Experienced?
  • Active?
  • Strengths focused?
  • Eager to understand and stay focused onA?your situation and your wants?
  • Highly expert, a bit too casually dressed, and very easy to talk to?

If you can sayA?”yes” toA?all of these questions,A?view theA?Contact link.

Note:A?if you are engaged in to kill a mockingbird chapter 5 summary a custody dispute, orA?have anA?open legal case, I suggest you visit some of the manyA?other mental health resources in our community who are familiar with these types of concerns and are able to provide the unbiased examination and documentation youA?will need.A?